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This page is a proposed index to the Essays collection.

--Please enter comments and suggestions for improvement in Discussion, and perhaps via E-mail to Anger@MIT.Edu.

--If the format suits you, choose an editing section of interest and enter successive descriptions, modified from the templates at the top of the file, with "div" brackets for the section.

--When fully populated, all sections must be merged for fruitful sortings. A stationary alphabetical index will be needed to jump to desired initial-letter regions.

Thank you.

I like the "grades" that you have given to the essays and can see that it will be quite useful. Two things I will find out from you in tomorrow's meeting. How easy was it to come up with the grades and how did you decide on the decimal difference between grades? Bob Therriault (talk) 07:26, 17 November 2022 (UTC)