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You can leave messages for me here:

Hey Bob, thanks for curating the list of categories - definitely helpful for our page tagging exercise. I'm amazed at how much amazing content the Wiki holds, like discovering hidden gems. Just a quick question on the 'User Talk' feature, how did you reference the UTC time in your post? Did you type it in manually or is there a Wiki key word that evaluates to the current time? --Will Gajate (talk)

Hi Bob, Just fyi, I added my notes of the wiki meeting meeting notes. Btw - great meeting, I feel like my IQ goes up every time I spend time with the J community. Also, will you be kicking off the new landing page - then we can make our contributions to the page?

Thanks, Will

Hi Bob, I created notes for our last meeting here 05:36, 18 December 2021 (UTC).

Hi, I am interested in joining the effort for revamping the K wiki. 1100 UTC is 1630 IST, so it is well within my ability to attend the meetings.

Thanks, Raghu (talk).