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Hey Bob, thanks for curating the list of categories - definitely helpful for our page tagging exercise. I'm amazed at how much amazing content the Wiki holds, like discovering hidden gems. Just a quick question on the 'User Talk' feature, how did you reference the UTC time in your post? Did you type it in manually or is there a Wiki key word that evaluates to the current time? --Will Gajate (talk)

Hi Bob, Just fyi, I added my notes of the wiki meeting meeting notes. Btw - great meeting, I feel like my IQ goes up every time I spend time with the J community. Also, will you be kicking off the new landing page - then we can make our contributions to the page?

Thanks, Will

Hi Bob, I created notes for our last meeting here 05:36, 18 December 2021 (UTC).

Hi, I am interested in joining the effort for revamping the K wiki. 1100 UTC is 1630 IST, so it is well within my ability to attend the meetings.

Thanks, Raghu (talk).

Hi Bob,

Absolutely. I enjoy contributing/clarifying anything that would've helped me while learning J thus far. And thank you for your work in maintaining the Wiki.

On to your comment: Right. I'm not quite seeing how the quoted statement potentially conflicts with these definitions?

Maybe you’re interpreting the table as listing all the valid modifier trains (henceforth "MT’s" for brevity), and mean to point out that not all table entries involve modifiers? Or are you referring to something else? Cameron Chandoke (talk) 12:43, 2 October 2023 (UTC)

Ok, right. Hahaha yes, that was totally confusing, right? I've misunderstood this for a year and a half, until a few days ago! It certainly was not at all clear / obvious. It had always perplexed me why Iverson/Hui would've defined "modifier train" in such a bizarrely moot way as to make e.g., %3 an MT. Nor did I really understand that e.g. the C in AC can itself be a parenthesized combination of sequences that results in a C. This gave me the false impression that some table sequences, like AC, were completely useless, and that MT's were extremely limited in their power, when in fact they are complete, and straightforward to write. Hence my desire to make explicit the table's semantics and MT's definition on the page. I suspect that a big factor in why virtually no one used them prior to their removal from the language is that their use was woefully undocumented, especially if that table is all there was. Cameron Chandoke (talk)

Thanks. Hmm, I didn't find the link you're referring to, but I'm quite curious to look at it. If you know where it is offhand and can paste it to my talk page I'd appreciate it. Yeah, the color is interesting, that particular addition is Raul's contribution actually. Cameron Chandoke (talk)