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How to install TABULA for a non-J user

If you are not (yet) a J user, then to run TABULA you will have to install a working J system first.

In time we will have a properly packaged app to distribute.

Don't worry, it's not hard. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Download and install J from:


Pick a version of j602 for your platform.

TABULA is extensively tested on J6.02, but that release has now been frozen. However it has just been released for J8.02 (Beta).
Its status for J7.01 and J8.01 is "untested". It will probably run, but is unlikely to be maintained for these releases.

2. Launch J as recommended by the vendor

e.g. by clicking the red "J" icon inside the folder: j602 -- or the green "J" icon inside the folder j802.

You will see an empty window, the so-called session window.

3. Verify operation.

In the session window, enter: 2+2

The session window will show this:


This is J being used in calculator mode. It is the starting point for complete programs, like TABULA.

You can type arithmetical expressions. The only thing to remember is that % means divide, because / is used to mean something else.

4. Pick menu: Run > Package Manager...

Select: All


   ✓ base library
   ✓ math/cal
   ✓ math/tabula
   ✓ math/uu

Then click Do Install...

You should see:

Installing 3 packages of total size 202 KB
Downloading math/cal...
Installing math/cal...
Downloading math/tabula...
Installing math/tabula...
Downloading math/uu...
Installing math/uu...
All available packages are installed and up to date.

4. Enter: load 'math/tabula'

TABULA will start, and show a sample tabulation (ttable) in its own window.

5. Once you've got TABULA running, select menu: Edit > Startup with TABULA

This will ensure that TABULA starts in future whenever you run J from the red J icon.

6. Consult the Reference pages:



7. Have fun.

Contributed by Ian Clark