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How to install TABULA for a non-J user

TABULA needs a working J system first.

Don't worry, it's not hard to do, and it won't get in the way. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Download and install J from:

2. Launch JQt (green icon)

You will see an empty window with the title: Term
This is the session window.

3. Verify operation.

In the session window, enter: 2+2

The session window will show these 2 extra lines:


This is J being used in calculator mode.

(ASIDE: You can type other arithmetical expressions. The chief thing to remember is that % means divide, because / is used for something else.)

4. Pick menu: Tools > Package Manager

Select: All


   ✓ graphic/plot
   ✓ math/cal
   ✓ math/tabula
   ✓ math/uu

Then click Install

You should see:

Installing 4 packages of total size ??? KB
Downloading graphic/plot...
Installing graphic/plot...
Downloading math/cal...
Installing math/cal...
Downloading math/tabula...
Installing math/tabula...
Downloading math/uu...
Installing math/uu...
All available packages are installed and up to date.

4. Enter: load 'math/tabula'

TABULA will start, and show a sample (t-table) in its own window.

5. Consult the Reference pages.

Ian Clark (talk) 23:09, 20 April 2019 (UTC)