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These instructions install a full system (base plus all addons) in the default location, for Windows or Mac.


1. Download and run one of the All-in-One Installers:

The default installation folder is under the User's home directory. Admin privilege is not required to install here, for example:

  C:\Users\elmo\j64-806         J 64-bit
  C:\Users\elmo\j806            J 32-bit

For a shared installation, you may install in a protected folder path such as C:\Program Files\j64-806. This requires admin privilege, and will also require admin privilege for updates.

2. Double-click the green J icon on the desktop (titled JQt or JQt64) to start Jqt.

3. Follow the steps to install addons.


These instructions apply to Mac 10.7 or later.

1. Download the All-in-One Installer:

2. Double-click the dmg file and move the j64-806 folder to the desired directory. This is usually /Applications, but may also be anywhere under your home directory.

3. For OSX Sierra only: in Finder, navigate to the j64-806 folder (e.g. to /Applications/j64-806), and run the sierra-fix.command script by right-click then open. Note that if you are running this script in the zip installation (not All-in-One), then this may give error messages on jqt files, which can be ignored for now. Once J console is loaded, then if you install the qtide (with install'qtide'), you should re-run the sierra-fix.command to remove quarantine on the jqt files.

4. Double-click the green J icon to start Jqt.

5. Follow the steps below to install addons.

Install Addons

Start a Jqt session, and then perform the following steps to install the addons.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Select Tools|Package Manager from the menu.
  • Press the Select All button.
  • Press the Install button.

Update Addons Later

Perform the following steps in the Jqt window to bring the addons up to date.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Select Tools|Package Manager from the menu.
  • Press the Update button.
  • Press the Not Installed button.
  • Press the Install button.

(optional) Change Default Folder Names

J needs directories to store temporary files, configuration files and so on. By default these are in a folder under the User's home directory, named like:

  C:\Users\elmo\j64-806-user         J 64-bit
  C:\Users\elmo\j806-user            J 32-bit

To change the folders J uses, follow the instructions here.

(optional) Qt IDE Setup

See Qt IDE/Install for more information on setting up the Qt IDE.