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Fixing the Mac (Snow Leopard) Installation bug

Macintosh users encounter difficulty in running J602 IDE, the following message appearing...


The reason is that Mac OS X is trying to use 64-bit Java and J602 doesn't like that.

The problem does not affect powerPC Macs, nor is it likely to affect users of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and earlier. It does not arise when using Jconsole, because this makes no use of Java.

It has frequently been reported by existing users of j602 IDE upgrading Mac OS X from 10.5 (Leopard) to 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Speedy remedy for the power user

Edit the so-called unix-executable file: j602/bin/jwd to add the -d32 flag to the java command,

The last line of jwd: java -Xss8000000 -Xdock:name=J -Xdock:icon=bin/icons/jred.icns -jar bin/j.jar "$@"
should now read: java -d32 -Xss8000000 -Xdock:name=J -Xdock:icon=bin/icons/jred.icns -jar bin/j.jar "$@"

This should not be done unless you are experiencing the problem described here. (Insertion of -d32 on older Macintosh computers may prevent java from running.)

Thanks to Jeremy W Sherman for suggesting this quick-fix.

Generalized remedy for all new Macintosh users

This is more suitable for instructors and popularizers of J, or those shipping a product utilizing j602.

Instead of the official download link at: labelled:
   J32 Mac Intel: j602a_mac_intel.dmg

direct your clients to the replacement download link at:[IAC].dmg

When you look at the j602 window, instead of this:

J602 folder old.jpg

what you see is this, with an extra red-J icon:

J602 folder new.jpg

This new alternative icon runs java with the -d32 flag.

Instruct the user to launch J with whichever works.

Downloadable remedy for Macintosh users with J already installed

This is more suitable for users who have J already installed, but have found it has stopped working (showing the error message at the top of the page.)

This is likely to have happened when upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It can also arise as a result of altering "Java Preferences". Which, in spite of its name, is a Mac utility (/Applications/Utilities/Java

Download the disk image (.dmg file) at:[IAC-FIXONLY].dmg

This, when opened, will show you two files, plus a README:

J602 folder fix.jpg

Drag the red-J ( into the folder: "j602". Then locate the "bin" folder inside "j602" and drag the unix-executable: jwd32 into it.

The resulting file structure of the "j602" folder should look like this (the two new files being yellow-labelled):

Fix installed.jpg

The launcher; should now be used in place of the old: In particular, you can drop it into the Dock.

The yellow-J icon doesn't need fixing, and can stay as it is.

-- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2010-12-08T06:33:07Z)>>