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Thomas Davis, Scientifica
Norman Drinkwater, University of Wisconsin, Cancer Research
Piet de Jong, Statistician
Paul Roussin, Engineer - Inficon Inc.


Anssi Seppala


Brian Bambrough, Actuarial Consultant
Christoph von Basum, SAP
Jose Mario Quintana, BEST & BEAM
Henry Rich, Financial Consultant


Roelof Brouwer, Thompson Rivers University
Richard L.W. Brown, York University
Martin Barghoorn, Technical University of Berlin, computer science
John Howland, Trinity University, Computer Science
Yoshitaka Nakajima, Kyushu Institute of Design, Auditory Psychology
Cliff Reiter, Lafayette College, Mathematics
Ewart Shaw, University of Warwick, Statistics
Keith Smillie, University of Alberta, Statistics

Data Manipulation

John Baker, Ministry of Health, Canada
Martin Saurer, Datavision GmbH, Switzerland

System Modelling

Jan Jacobs, SOMmaps, Kessel, The Netherlands


Michael Dykman, Freelance Architect/Developer, Toronto, Canada