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Anssi Seppala, Applications Consultant, Finland

It is possible now that even the smallest customers can buy electricity from competing power producers and the load is calculated using customer class load profiling method instead of a hourly registering energy meter. The main product of Enease Oy is TYKO load profiling software that is used in electric utilities to calculate small customers load profiles.

TYKO products are written with J and sold as a complete package including two setup diskettes. Also, a free demo is provided in Enease Oy's web site. Many applications are now distributed. The reliability has proven to be excellent, making a product that is easy to support. Software updates have been provided by similar methods.

There are many interesting points that make this project a success. The basic algorithms utilize multi-dimensional arrays. The application consists of isolated layers for data management, computation and a user interface. The J Project Manager was utilized to manage these layers. The complete application was built from 28 scripts plus utilities that come with J, including: dates, dd, files, jfiles, strings, format, jvies, plot. Also, the excellent object facility of J was incorporated by creating three own object classes.

The layering of the application made it possible to sell the data management and calculation without GUI as a embedded application to other vendors.

We also distribute other products developed in J including an electricity quality analysis package and a load simulation application.

Enease Oy is a company providing consulting services and applications for the de-regulated electricity markets in Finland and other Nordic countries. It is founded by Anssi Seppälä (PhD).