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Decisions Needed From IAC

Decisions Needed By Mutual Agreement

1. Decide on a replacement for "literal". <<< I'm still iffy about the precise use of UTF-8 as if it's a valid JayTalk or NuVocTalk term. -- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2014-04-23T10:19:44Z)>> -- I think it's OK, but I don't worry much, because "UTF-8" is going to show up only in a. and u: and possibly ":. As you observed, the J engine doesn't really know much about UTF-8. -- Henry Rich <<DateTime(2014-04-24T00:41:24Z)>>

Decisions Taken

1. Decide the format of the stock header <<< DONE AND IMPLEMENTED -- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2014-06-20T14:34:21Z)>>

1. What phraseology / emphasis should be used in place of ":!.f? <<< a link to ../bangdot and/or clarification of what f is should suffice. -- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2014-04-25T02:35:02Z)>>

1. Remove TOC; install TOC in More Info in places that need it; then replace that TOC either with a hand-built set of links or (less likely) an automated index to the More Info.

1. Hiliting: definition, emphasis, reference to a variable

1. "See Also" to be eliminated.
But if it links to a bunch of related primitives, change the heading to "Related Primitives" (and drop other surplus links) -- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2014-04-23T17:22:36Z)>>

1. "Preferred Forms" --> "Use These Combinations" --plus a link: --WHY? <<< HERE'S THE LINK I'M USING. -- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2014-04-25T02:24:51Z)>>

1. How should mathematics be formatted? <<< Let's keep it simple:

  • Varnames in italics
  • Special chars in unicode: √∞∑ etc.
  • Superscripts in unicode: ² ³ ⁴ (etc).
  • Example: r = —b ± √(b² — 4ac) / 2a
  • Anything more elaborate, use a JPG of a screen capture, e.g. from Abramovitch & Stegun, as per Vocabulary/hcapdot, or from Wikipedia.

1. Nomenclature

Name for numeric,boxed, etc. Name for integer, rational, etc. Name for 1- or 2-byte characters Name for 2 = 3!:0 y Name for 131072 = 3!:0 y Name for result of ": applied to bytes Name for result of ": applied to Unicode
type precision character byte Unicode byte UTF-8 <?>

HHR's Short-Term Plan

1. Extended & Rational

Short-Term Projects

1. Write-up function composition, with a roadmap to help newcomer choose between @ @: & ([| u v) (u v) (u v w) -- (IAC?) ]

1. Add Hyperlinks to Glossary words [and selected primitives] in all pages <<<<< DONE (largely) -- Ian Clark <<DateTime(2014-06-20T14:36:45Z)>>

1. SOME ancillary pages to finish.

1. Add a Roadmap to Learning J through NuVoc, pointed to by Getting Started

Long-Term Projects

1. Document Foreigns

1. Create the NuVoc application and use it in primitive descriptions

1. Integrate J Phrases into NuVoc <<< can't we do that straightaway with links into JPhrases? <<< agreed

1. Figure out a way to hyperlink the code fragments so that the user can just click primitives directly

1. Figure out how to stack code samples left-to-right

1. Figure out how to float code samples near the narrative