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Henry Rich

Interests:: J, a cappella singing, bridge, history

I am the author of the Dissect tool and am the primary maintainer and developer of the J Interpreter (originally written by Roger Hui).

I am author of J For C Programmers, a book on J, which can be downloaded in PDF form or in Microsoft Word 2003 form. You can buy a hardcopy from Lulu. The document covers J6.02.

The PDF for J6.01 is File:JforC20060721.pdf.

The J Reference Card, a 2-page summary of J primitives, can be downloaded File:J602 RefCard color letter current.pdf. This prints in color, and it is a good idea to print on heavy stock so the back of the page doesn't show through to the front. Thanks to Ric Sherlock for the considerable effort of adding color and reformatting the Reference Card for this version.

I have a rough File:Openticksvr.ijs which refers to my File:Utils.ijs, File:Klutils.ijs, and File:Langexten.ijs

Email: <<MailTo(HenryHRich AT SPAMFREE nc.rr DOT com)>>

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