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The Source tab lists the files in the project. These are the scripts in the project other than library scripts.

Files in the same directory as the project file are shown without any directory path. Other files have their directory paths.

If a source script depends on other scripts, for example, if it contains a line of the form

load '~myapp\util\myutil.ijs'

then the required file will also be shown if it exists, with a name followed by (r). This is for information only - if you need to create a standalone script then all required files should be explicitly included in the project, either in:

  • the source list
  • the library list (for library scripts only)
  • a custom pre or post build script


The Library tab shows the library files in the project, as well as the library files that are available. Files are shown with their short name only.

Use the menu Options|Mark as Dev Only to mark files that are for development only. Required files have names followed by (r) or (dr). Unlike Source files, some library files are expected to require other files.


Here you can include any of the following four scripts; use the Add button to add or modify one:

Target the target file used when Project Manager builds the application
Pre-Build a script file that is run before Project Manager builds the target file
Post-Build a script file that is run after Project Manager builds the target file
Test a script file that is run when you press the Test button

Include a Target file whenever you want Project Manager to build the application for you.

The Pre-Build and Post-Build scripts allow you to customize the behavior of Project Manager's build routine. Also, if you do not want Project Manager to build your application, you can nevertheless define one or both build scripts with your own custom build routines.

Include a Test file so that you can test your application by pressing the Test button.


The Other tab shows any other files you may want to include in the project, for example, this is a good place to put additional test scripts, that may be loaded by the project's main Test script.