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Source that is in Subversion is supported from the Tools menu. The project directory must have been checked out from a Subversion repository.

Menu Tools|Compare SVN runs Directory Match, comparing the latest checked out SVN with the current project. This shows changes since the checkout, and permits restore to checked out version.

Menu Tools|Status SVN is a dialog with SVN add/delete/revert/commit on the current project directory, and parent directories up to the SVN root. The menu Tools|SVN Info displays svn info.



The actions listed in the grid are local SVN actions, and do not commit - that must be done with the Commit button.

The actions default to "do nothing", but may also be:

  • for new files not already in SVN:

add file to SVN
delete file

  • for files in SVN that have been deleted:

remove from SVN
revert to SVN

  • for modified files:

revert to SVN

svn path

Note that this facility assumes that the svn executable is on the path, so that calls can be made to svn directly. If you install SVN normally, it will be on the path. However if you install it using a wrapper like TortoiseSVN, then it may be that svn is not on the path, and you will get an error message in Project Manager.

In Windows, you may need to add c:\program files\subversion\bin or similar to the path.