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You build the application by clicking the Build button in the Project Manager and Build Options dialogs.

The Build Options dialog has the following sections:

Include Files

You can choose whether to include or require files when building the targetfile.

include means the scripts form part of the target file

require means there is a line of the form:

script_z_ <'filename'

written into the target file.

For applications that will be run when the J development system is loaded, you would typically want to require any project libraries, and either include or require project source.

For standalone files, you should require libraries only if you know that the application will be run on your own machine, and so the library files will be available. Otherwise, you should select to include all library files; in this case, any library script referenced by the project will be included in the targetfile.

The standard libraries that are included in standalone applications are:


The Libraries for J DLL option excludes winlib.ijs from the standard libraries.

Build Options

The delete comments option removes all comments from your source files, except only any comments that appear on consecutive lines in your first script.

If Load in locale is given as for example, myloc, the script will include a line:

coclass 'myloc'

after any standard libaries are loaded, and before the project files are loaded.

If Append to file is given, it is added as the last statement in the application. Use this to run the application when it is loaded.