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The Base page specifies:

  • Formatting options
  • Configuration for the J interpreter
  • Paths to external programs such as browsers

Each configurable option is given in the form of a J public assignment.

Name of Option Description of value Default
BoxPos Default centering for boxed display, set using 9!:17 0 0
DisplayForm Representation(s) used for non-nouns, set using 9!:3 5
Format Instructions for Script|Format [CTRL+SHIFT+P], as 5 numbers:
* atom 0: 1 to enable formatting, 0 to disable (it's a good idea to disable if you want to handle your formatting by hand, to make sure you don't format a script by accident)
* atom 1: tab-stop width if TABs are to be converted to spaces; or 0 for leave TAB characters
* atom 2: 1 to remove multiple spaces in code
* atom 3: 1 to indent explicit definitions
* atom 4: 1 to indent select. blocks
1 2 1 0 0
MemoryLimit Maximum size of a single memory allocation, set by 9!:21 _
Output Instructions for displaying and truncating output, set by 9!:37 0 256 0 222
ReadCatalog Catalog startup option for Package Manager: 0 to use most recent local copy, 1 to read from the server, 2 to prompt 1
RecentMax Number of recent files to show in the File|Recent list 15
RGBSEQ Interpretation of color values: 0 for ABGR (i. e. least-significant byte is red), 1 for ARGB (i. e. least-significant byte is blue) 0 for Android, 1 for others
BoxForm Format of borders of boxed values: 0 to use special line-drawing characters, 1 to use ASCII. An appropriate set of characters is passed into 9!:7. 1 for Windows, 0 for others
Browser, Browser_nox, Editor, Editor_nox, EPSReader, ImageViewer, ImageViewer_nox, PDFReader, PDFReader_nox, XDiff Programs to use depends on operating system
DirTreeX Exclusion list for the directory tree utility, dirtree 'release'