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general/inifiles - INI file utilities

  • Provides verbs to read from and write to INI files or strings in INI file format.
  • Uses regex functionality built into J and is therefore usable on all platforms (not reliant on the Windows API).
  • Provides similar functionality to that provided by Windows API PrivateProfile functions (e.g. GetPrivateProfileStringA) and more.
  • Verbs can source the INI information from a file stored on disk, or a string that might have been read from a zip file or a database.
  • Verbs support array arguments for retrieving, updating or writing multiple INI keys at once.
  • An INI key can be returned as a string or interpreted as a numeric or boxed list.

Browse source and examples in SVN.


Use JAL/Package Manager.


Load inifiles addon with the following line

   load 'general/inifiles'

To see the sampler of usage, run the test script.

    • Open the script open 'general/inifiles/test'
    • Select all contents using Ctrl+A
    • Run Selection using Ctrl+E

Here is typical session output from the test.ijs script.


See Also

IniFiles script - Cover verbs for Windows API functions dealing with INI files.