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Finexec is an addon for financial and actuarial computing with the J Programming Language. Objective to promote J for solving problems.


Finexec is currently loaded from the GitHub repository.

In a J session use:

  install 'github:WilliamSzuch/finance_finexec'

to put Finexec into the folder: ~addons/finance/finexec

Then load Finexec.

  load 'finance/finexec'

Explore the features of Finexec.


Individual scripts can be loaded and modified as required for a task.
Definitions can be copied and modified for a task.

load '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'
load '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/compound.ijs'


Any feedback is most welcome.Contact
For example: errors/omissions/corrections/new definitions/improvements etc.