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Forum Entries

This is continuation of the following General forum threads:

JForum:general/2007-January/028599 Web subject area in Wiki
JForum:general/2007-January/028611 Wiki structure
JForum:general/2007-January/028600 CGI framework

-- Oleg Kobchenko <<DateTime(2007-01-15T08:15:30Z)>> ----

Web Modules

Some useful web module ideas from Apache packages.

  • libapache-asp-perl creates dynamic web applications with session management and embedded perl code
  • libapache-miniwiki-perl a simplistic Wiki for Apache.
  • libapache-mod-layout allows you to create a single look and feel throughout a website without using server side includes to "automagically" wrap pages in standard headers and footers
  • libapache-mod-xslt uses the Xalan XSLT processing engine to create documents on the fly from XML files and XSLT style sheets. Also mod-xslt2 using Gnome
  • libapache-template-perl a simple interface to the Template Toolkit, a general purpose template language which allows you to clearly separate application logic, data and presentation elements. It boasts numerous features to facilitate in the generation of web content both online and offline in "batch mode"

-- Oleg Kobchenko <<DateTime(2007-02-19T10:53:03Z)>>