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This page has a collection of my tinkerings with the J Dictionary.

Formatting the J Dictionary using CSS
XML Structure for J Dictionary primitives

PDF of J.602 Dictionary

This PDF snapshot of the J Dictionary was created using Acrobat Pro in June 2008. The idea came from a post by SkipCave in this forum thread. <<AttachList(RicSherlock)>>


  • As noted in this post, some pages are a bit ugly but that is mainly a limitation of the source pages and the amount of effort I'm prepared to put in to this! ;-)
  • If any one wants to put together a Table of Contents page with page numbers linked to topics. I'd be happy to insert it in the current document.
  • By looking at the bottom left page footers you might see that some pages appear to be missing. That is because, in the interest of saving paper, I've deleted a number of generated "blank" pages that contained only the web-page footer.
  • The margins on the PDF are very small so to get good printed results I needed to choose the "Fit to Printable area" setting.