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I was asked to look at some different wiki "home pages", with an eye towards what might work here.

  • APL Wiki This is primarily a task oriented page with some brief orientation documentation (and it seems to be styled after the wikipedia home page).
  • Wikipedia Looks like it's roughly modeled on a news website home page, though less flashy (light use of color).
  • Python Wiki Has an interesting variety of reference, task and event oriented content (black, white, grey, blue links)
  • Rosetta Code is mostly task oriented and relies heavily on automatically updated wiki categories (black, white, grey, blue links)
  • Debian is audience oriented, with four distinct audience groups and a few starting points catering to each. (Roughly follows the (black, white, grey, blue links pattern, but with some other "colorful" content.)
  • Arch Linux is very focused on installation and developer highlights (not a lot of color but more than Python and Rosetta Code).
  • Ubuntu in contrast, looks to be trying for a community focus, though it also has an installation focus (black, white and orange).
  • Mediawiki is task oriented (black, white, grey, blue links, some images)

Also, some non-wiki pages:

  • Looks like it patterned itself after a stock market presentation of some sort. Heavy on ads.
  • Bloomberg Looks rather like a news website home page.
  • Mathematica Looks like it's roughly designed as a reference book.
  • OED Is something of a paywall subscription site, with some brief demonstration content.
  • Try APL! This is an APL demonstration page.