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If you have landed here, you should know that most of this content is rather old. And, because machine design is not completely stable some of those changes have drifted into the J implementation. If you notice something here which seems obsolete, please feel free to drop a descriptive note about that issue on the corresponding discussion page.


A lot of this is old and, thus, subject to "rot" aka "linguistic drift".

User:Raul Miller/OpenGL A few introductory concepts about the 3d rendering API
User:Raul Miller/J Event Handlers Notes on J602's internal event handler api
User:Raul Miller/Simplex Linear Programming
User:Raul Miller/NURBS Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines
User:Raul Miller/RegularExpressions Maybe implement regular expressions in J?
User:Raul Miller/ParsingJ Some arbitrary observations related to treating J's notation formally
User:Raul Miller/JForNonJUsers Perhaps the most important topic for the J community, unfortunately I do not do it justice, here.
User:Raul Miller/J Event Handlers Mostly focusing on the structure of the wd mechanism from J6.
User:Raul Miller/Installing J on a Mac My notes on how this works for me...
User:Raul Miller/graphics/png A few notes on the graphics/png addon
User:Raul Miller/Wiki_Homes a brief survey of some wiki home pages


NURBS Some notes as I try to understand Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines