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---- <<Date(2010-12-07T16:12:57-0300)>>   RandomQuote macro on FrontPage

Oleg, per your earlier note on Essays/Brevity, I have changed the format of that page to a simple list, so it is consumable by RandomQuote.

I would like now to use that macro on a highly visible page. According to PageHits, the FrontPage is the most visible, and IMO, the most appropriate page. But I cannot edit it. Will you include the macro there? If you think it inappropriate, how about at the top of RecentChanges? (That page is my entry point to the Wiki, and I assume for other frequent visitors & members of the J community.)


-- Dan Bron

---- <<DateTime(2008-01-17T16:39:29Z)>>   ACL for Scratchpad?

Hey Oleg; would you mind adding an ACL to my scratchpad? Is it possible to give me a recursive ACL to that page, so that if I add any sub-pages, they'll automatically inherit the permissions? That way I wouldn't have to bug you every time.


-- Dan Bron

  • Unlike latest MoinMoin, Acl is not inherited between pages. In future, please "email one of the wiki administrators...", according to EditingGuidelines/OwnedPages. -- Oleg Kobchenko <<DateTime(2008-01-18T06:58:25Z)>>

---- <<Date(2007-03-21T19:26:40Z)>>   Strange Wiki Users

Oleg, do you have multiple wiki accounts? Who are these strange users showing up in the RecentChanges list?

      • WB5
      • e03
      • User40
      • 219-88-157-53 (this .nz ip appears different from the others: it didn't create an attachment, Chris reverted its edit, and its edit doesn't appear in the page history)

Why do they always create attachments? Isn't the Wiki supposed be immutable to new members until they specifically request edit access via email?

I only question this because a meaningless username which makes a single, small, edit is a red flag (c.f. the Forum Watcher spammer). Let me know if these edits should worry me.

-- Dan Bron

  • The IP address user from Feb is a spam user. The others that create attachemnts have used Literate zip download, which does not have permissions check right now. This will be fixed. Thanks. -- Oleg Kobchenko <<DateTime(2007-03-21T23:53:15Z)>>

---- <<Date(2007-01-05T21:23:30Z)>>   JAL categories

What is the proper category for J code that manipulates J code? For example, a J-code tidier, or a J-code-best-practices-enforcer, or my fix locals script? I have LOTS of such things. Should I put them under "general"?

-- Dan Bron

If it is a (extensible) collection of related but independent scripts, it can be made into one addon too, where each script will be loaded as in
   load 'general/tidy/fixlocals'
tidy is a good name for such addon. Just make sure to explain the collective purpose of the scripts in DESCRIPTION.

-- Oleg Kobchenko <<DateTime(2007-01-06T00:20:37Z)>>

---- <<Date(2006-12-19T21:21:44Z)>>   Ways to scan

In re: ways to scan, you might want to point out the equivalence f/\. -: ((f {.) , ])/ &.(<"_1) which makes it obvious that f/\. is O(n) due to reuse of previous results.

-- Dan Bron

---- <<Date(2006-12-13T14:52:26Z)>>   Pretty pictures & J explainer

Wow, this was a nice surprise to walk in to this morning! Thank you very much! (Some of the pretty pictures are best viewed at high resolutions, so I'm going to link the n=60 thumbnails to n=360 "full shots").

Re: "J Explainer" : the "regex explainer" I link to is actually a windowed application (GUI, not web-based). The HTML+JS examples on the site are just teasers for that application. So my original idea was to use wd, not HTML. (But, thinking about it, with a little AJAX, wd wouldn't be needed at all... )

-- Dan Bron

---- <<Date(2006-12-07T03:50:32Z)>>   JSvn InterWiki

Could we have a J SVN interwiki link? I want to be able to make links like [wiki:JSVN:DanBron/trunk/general/utils.ijs Incredibly useful thing]

-- Dan Bron

  • Good idea. Done. -- Oleg Kobchenko <<DateTime(2006-12-07T05:08:58Z)>>
  • Thanks! -- Dan Bron <<DateTime(2006-12-07T14:50:41Z)>>

---- <<Date(2006-04-06T09:53:31Z)>>   Thanks for the pointer Oleg. Will add a redirect in a second.

Also, I want to thank you for your very useful scripts. Every time I install a new J, one of my first actions to download & install your contributions (like I did did just yesterday).

I also noticed your & A. Nitikin's 'open j' project. Is that still alive? Do you want help? What language do you intend to write it in? Do I need to speak Russian? :)

Over the years, I've coded a few throwaway prototypes; mostly when I'm trying to reverse engineer Roger's thought processes. I used Perl, C#, APL, and now J (PrimitivePrimitives). I'm a lot less interested (and proficient) in using C or C++. But those languages may be neccesary if you want a "real" J, competitive with JSoftware's version in time and space. Maybe a good macro or template library would ease the burden.

-- Dan Bron