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JAL Directory


JAL Catalog for j601

The J system consists of various binaries, library files such as scripts and tutorials, and is extended with addons. The packages for library files, addons and scripts are listed here.

<!> Although the latest versions can be downloaded directly from the server repository, it is recommended to use Package Manager from Tools|Package Manager.


Direct download [1]
The package should be unzipped in the system subdirectory, i.e. jpath '~system'. Files under system will be overwritten.


Direct download [2]
All packages should be unzipped in the addons subdirectory, i.e. jpath '~addons'.


math category -- Math related addons

  • math/fftw Fastest Fourier Transform in the West


web category -- Web related addons

  • web/jhp JHP is a J based engine to run server-side web applications and create dynamic web content
  • web/cgi Implements CGI specification for J Scripts