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These instructions install a full system (base plus all addons) in the default location, for Windows or Mac.


1. Download and run one of the All-in-One Installers:

The default shared installation folder is under the Program Files directory. If you choose unshared installation, Admin privilege is not required to install here, for example:

  C:\Users\elmo\j64-807         J 64-bit
  C:\Users\elmo\j807            J 32-bit

For a shared installation, you the default install path is in a protected folder such as C:\Program Files\j64-807 and requires admin privilege. It will also require admin privilege for updates. Some addons will require admin privilege for post-install first-time or normal execution. You many get program failures with no error messages if you run J without admin privilege.

2. Double-click the green J icon on the desktop (titled JQt or JQt64) to start Jqt.

3. Follow the steps to install addons.


These instructions apply to Mac 10.7 or later.

1. Download the All-in-One Installer:

2. Double-click the dmg file and move the j64-807 folder to the desired directory. This is usually /Applications, but may also be anywhere under your home directory.

3. For OSX Sierra and later: in Finder, navigate to the j64-807 folder (e.g. to /Applications/j64-807), and run the sierra-fix.command script by right-click then open.

4. This All in One installation includes the slim version of jqt in its package. If you wish to have the full installation of jqt, double click jconsole (grey J icon) in the Finder and type install 'full' into the command line.
When loading jqt files has completed, for OSX Sierra and later: run the sierra-fix.command script again to clear the jqt files from quarantine.

5. Double-click the green J icon to start Jqt.

6. Follow the steps below to install addons.

Install Addons

Start a Jqt session, and then perform the following steps to install the addons.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Select Tools|Package Manager from the menu.
  • Press the Select All button.
  • Press the Install button.

Update Addons Later

Perform the following steps in the Jqt window to bring the addons up to date.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Select Tools|Package Manager from the menu.
  • Press the Updates button.
  • Press the Not Installed button.
  • Press the Install button.

(optional) Change Default Folder Names

J needs directories to store temporary files, configuration files and so on. By default these are in a folder under the User's home directory, named like:

  C:\Users\elmo\j64-807-user         J 64-bit
  C:\Users\elmo\j807-user            J 32-bit

To change the folders J uses, follow the instructions here.

(optional) Qt IDE Setup

See Qt IDE/Install for more information on setting up the Qt IDE.