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Release Notes


AVX2 Hardware

J9.6 is available for non-AVX and AVX2 hardware (see Guides/AVX). There is a proliferation of hardware models after the initial AVX and AVX2. J uses the generic term AVX2 loosely to refer to the hardware required to run corresponding J binary. The initial installation from zips is non-AVX and finishing the installation steps upgrades to AVX2 as appropriate for your hardware.

Download and Install

Most Windows users should use the All-in-One Installer.

All other users should use this link to access the appropriate zip files.


J9.6 uses gmp for extended precision and rational numbers. You may need to


from within J after installing or upgrading J965. This needs to happen at most once.


In addition to the base IDE configurations of console and JHS there is a Qt-based IDE also available in the addons.

Once installed, all updates can be done with pacman (package manager).
Qt updates must be done through J console with all instances of the JQt IDE closed.

J scripting support

If you are interested in creating J scripts on unix-like systems, for shell scripting you should probably create a symbolic link at /usr/bin/ijconsole pointing at the J interpreter.

sudo ln -fs /Applications/j9.6/bin/jconsole /usr/bin/ijconsole