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These instructions are for J805 and later stable editions.

J systems are available for a number of platforms and can be installed and redistributed for free.

J is available as a base system plus optional addon packages.

The base system is the minimal system for running J applications. It includes two user interfaces:

  • Jconsole, a command-line front-end
  • JHS, a browser-based IDE

A Qt-based IDE is also available in the addons.


Most Windows or Mac users will want to use the All-in-One install.

Linux users who want a debian package should use the Linux deb install.

Android users should use the Android apk install.

Experienced users who want more control, use System/Installation/J805/Zips install.

Website Files

The J805 download file list can be found here.

Previous Versions

Instructions for installing previous versions can be found here.