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Notation, functional programming, algorithm implementation, Sugar

Location:: ThomasNet


             Meeting Agenda for NYCJUG 20110913

1. Beginner's regatta: array thinking is more natural than "loopy" thinking -
see "Towards More Natural Functional Programming Languages_p1-myers.pdf".

2. Show-and-tell: thoughts on notation - see "Excerpts from Cognitive
Dimensions of Notation.pdf".

Introducing J to functional programmers - see "Elaborations
on the Importance of Notation.pdf", "JFunctionalMeetupIntro.pdf", and

3. Learning, teaching and promoting J, et al.: see "Algorithm Implementations -
Present and Future.pdf" and "Getting J into Sugar.pdf".

Meeting Materials

File:Towards More Natural Functional Programming Languages p1-myers.pdf

File:Excerpts from Cognitive Dimensions of Notation.pdf

File:Elaborations on the Importance of Notation.pdf



File:Algorithm Implementations - Present and Future.pdf

File:Getting J into Sugar.pdf

File:Odds and Ends for functional J talk.pdf