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Required Options

Option Description
ID id of splitter control
LC left/top control ids
RC right/bottom control ids

ID - id of splitter control. An 'h' suffix indicates a horizontal control.

LC - list of control ids on the left/top of the splitter.

RC - list of control ids on the right/bottom of the splitter.

Other Options

Option Default Description
COLOR (below) colors
PID id of parent form
REAL 1 update in real time
STYLE 1 splitter style

COLOR - colors used in splitter, as an nx3 table of RGB colors. Defaults use system colors:

0 COLOR_BTNFACE background for STYLE=0
1 COLOR_SCROLLBAR background for STYLE=1
2 COLOR_3DDKSHADOW foreground for STYLE=1
3 COLOR_BTNSHADOW foreground for STYLE=2
4 COLOR_BTNHIGHLIGHT highlighter for STYLE=2

PID - id of parent form

REAL - 1 if update in real time. Set to 0 if any control takes a long time to redraw.

STYLE - draw style of splitter. 0=hidden, 1=default, 2=simple line. See Splitter Demo.