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Windows drive and folder names are case-insensitive by default, and the Qt IDE was originally written with that in mind.

However it is possible to create a case-sensitive drive or folder, for example with Google Drive File Stream, so that there can be a mixture of case-insensitive and case-sensitive drives or folders on Windows. The Qt IDE for J807 (v1.7.0 and later) now supports this. To do so:

Start Windows J807 and select menu Edit|Configure|Case Sensitive to open file case.cfg in the editor.

Enter a list of case-sensitive drive and folder names. Each line is the full path of a case-sensitive drive or folder which must be correctly capitalized. A trailing path-separator is not required, for example:

H:/Google/My Drive

Then close the file, and close and reload J to enable case-sensitive handling for those drives and folders.