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Warning.png This feature is no longer available

Jconsole can call libjqt and Qt libraries. This is not the same as loading QT IDE, and no JQt Term will be created.


Run the following sentences to load Qt inside jconsole.

require '~addons/ide/qt/qt.ijs'


  • Mac OSX needs setting up path and environment variables for Qt when starting jconsole app.

Facilities provided include

  • gethash
  • accessing image files
  • system clipboard
  • some wd commands
  • gl2

See image in qt demo for how to read/write iamge files.


An alternate set of gl2 commands can be used to paint on a memory bitmap and save results to a PNG file.

Load the gl2 commands with

require '~addons/ide/qt/qt.ijs'
require '~addons/ide/qt/console.ijs'

Jconsole gl2 commands are defined inside console.ijs and the gl2 addon is not required. See glc in qt demo.


A new output type qtc is added to plot addon which uses jconsole gl2 commands and saves as png files for output. See plotc in qt demo.


Linux needs X Window for GUI functions such as gl2 commands and system clipboard. Without X Window Qt can still be loaded, but only non-GUI facilities such as reading/writing image files and gethash can be used.


Do not expect it can run GUI applications (forms, widgets). Furthermore Qt components that require event loop or callback will not work, these include timer and websocket.