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You can recall previously entered sentences in the Term window either by placing the cursor on the sentence and pressing Enter, or by recovering the sentence from the Input Log.

Recall from Session

Move the cursor to any line above the current session prompt and press Enter. The line will be copied down to replace the current session prompt.

By default, the cursor will be positioned at the end of the line. To preserve cursor position when the line is copied down, set Edit|Configure|Qt Ide|KeepCursorPosOnRecall to true.

Recall from Input Log

Sentences entered into the Term window are appended to an input log. The log does not store duplicate entries, so any previous sentence that is identical will be removed.

By default, only the last 100 entries are kept. This can be configured in Edit|Configure|Qt Ide|MaxInputLog.

You can recall entries by either

  • pressing the Ctrl+Shift up-arrow and Ctrl+Shift down-arrow keys to cycle backwards and forwards through the log
  • selecting an entry from the Input Log dialog obtained from menu View|Input Log or by pressing Ctrl+D

In the Input Log dialog, enter a search string to subset the list to lines that contain that string. The search is case-sensitive if any upper case characters are used, otherwise it is case-insensitive. Use Backspace to delete from the end of the search string, and Ctrl or Shift Backspace to clear the string.

The log is stored in file ~config/inputlog.dat.

You can read and write the log with:

  wd 'sm get inputlog'
  wd 'sm set inputlog text *',newtext

where newtext is a LF-delimited list of sentences to be written to the log.