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The following is a very rough draft only.


QtQuick 1

  • Qt 4.8 only.
  • wd'quickview1' command

QtQuick 2

  • Qt 5.3 only.
  • wd'quickview2' command
  • jqt quickwidget control, may not work on some platforms.

J Engine Interface

Inside qml files, the object QmlJE is the object reference to J Engine.


quickview1 - import implicitly

quickview2 - add the following line in qml files.

import com.jsoftware.qtide.qmljengine 1.0


List of functions

  QString verb(QString v,QString y,bool ingoreResult=false)
  int dor(QString s)
  QString dors(QString s)
  QString getvar(QString n)
  void setvar(QString n,QString s)


text: QmlJE.dors("|.JVERSION")

Contributed by Bill Lam.