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These release notes are far from complete, especially for the early years, and lots of minor, and not so minor changes are not recorded here. More recent years have all the gory details on the svn commit trail.

2017 December

debug reworked - see menu tool>debug

help moved to wiki

2017 June beta

JHS now always binds to any rather than local host.

BIND and LHOK config options are no longer used.


USER/PASS login required if access from lan or external ip.
USER_jhs_/PASS_jhs can be changed in the JHS session
JHS could start with them as  and then set them to allow temporary login
permanent USER/PASS set in config

getlanip - returns ip for access from other machines on the lan

getexternalip - returns ip for access from www (probably requires router config)

OKURL is list of urls that are allowed access without login these pages should provide their own password security checks

preliminary support for JHS services to J mobile devices (e.g., iOS J)

jtoj.ijs       - OKURL page on the server
jtojclient.ijs - provide 

2017 January

  • link menu removed from all pages except jijx
  • page open behaves differently

Previously, depending on menu vs button vs jijx sentence and browser (Firefox/Edge/...) and browser version an open could:

open a new tab (that is, 2 tabs for the same page)
reopen in the same tab, but not switch focus
reopen in the same tab and switch focus

This is an area (pop-up and switching focus) where browsers fight a battle against badly behaved sites and systems like JHS trying to provide a more desktop like application suffer.

JHS generally opens a page in a window/tab with an id. Page jfif opens in a tab with an id of jfif. Opening jfif again will close the current jfif tab and open in a new tab.

This is not perfect, but is consistent and avoids:

duplicate tabs (unnecessary clutter and can be confusing)
having to hunt for a tab that existed and wasn't given focus

2016 December

  • handsontable version 0.9.17 upgraded to 0.29.1
  • handsontable files now in js/handsontable folder
  • handsontable file names changed - see ~addons/ide/jhs/jtable.ijs
  • jijx help menu added
  • jhelp simplified (links etc moved to new help menu)
  • table tour added
  • misc cleanup for 805 release

2016 November

  • installer.ijs - installer and shortcut verbs - create desktop launch icons and jal all updates and addons
  • documentation/bug fixes/cleanup getting ready for 805 release
  • jd3 width and height support - maxh etc.
  • plot tour
  • spx tour
  • jhelp cleaned up

2016 October

  • studio menu reworked
  • studio>app building
  • studio>debug
  • demo 13
  • pop-ups used more
  • window ids used to avoid opening duplicate tabs
  • d3 javascript plot library updated to version 4.1.5

2016 September

  • simpler way to start JHS - see ~addons/ide/jhs/config/jhs.cfg
  • jd3 plot simplified and improved

2015 December

  • simple project simplifications and improvements
  • jfile lists windows drives (c: etc) and unix root (/)

2014 July

  • echo/smoutput displays immediately - http chunked transfer encoding
  • demo 10 Ajax chunks - http chunked transfer encoiding
  • demo 11 Ajax interval timer - similar to J602 wd timer
  • demo 12 WebGl 3d graphics
  • iX section has info on iPhone/iPad/... client support
  • server busy - event ignored for new request when waiting for response
  • Config section expanded and an easier way to run a server configured for port etc.
  • codemirror 4.2
  • IE 11 HTML 5 support adequate as JHS client

2013 October

  • jd3 support added (see plot section for details)
  • jtable - table editor with handsontable/jquery -
  • jquery javascript library easily integrates with the JHS framework - see jd3 and jtable
  • jfiles - list recent files
  • ctrl+shift+up/down arrow recall
  • jijx - recall input lines
  • jfile - recall folders
  • jfif - recall what/where text lines
  • browser local storage carries recalls over J task sessions
  • jijx - menu action|clear window
  • jijx - menu action|clear refresh (refresh log)
  • jijx - menu action|clear LS (local storage recalls)
  • browser javascript calls to J are synchronous
  • Previously if J was busy an event for J got a busy alert and was discarded. The alert was a nuisance if the delay would have been brief. Now events are queued and will fire when J call completes. This avoids alerts, but remember the queue, and don't go click crazy when you don't see expected responses.
  • jlog utility removed
  • minor bug fixes

2011 April

  • J701 release had the first version of JHS