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This page describes installation of the Git Extensions Windows git gui. Since some git repositories at Jsoftware need an SSH key, this is also described and should be done first.


Download and install putty networking application from

In a command window change directory to the folder where you installed putty.

Run puttygen.exe to create your public and private keys. Generate an SSH-2 RSA key with 1024 bits. This should create file privatekey.ppk and file publickey in your putty folder. Note: in some versions of Windows, saving the keys to the default folder will not store them in that directory if you do not have write access to it; however, puttygen might think they are there. Save them to a directory that you have write access to.

Git Extensions

Download and install Git Extensions from Git Extensions. Install all the required software (e.g. MsysGit), follow the defaults, and select Putty for SSH.

Once installed, load Git Extensions and select menu Start|Settings to customize as appropriate.

The following descriptions assume that you will install local git repositories under c:\git, for example c:\git\addons for the Addons repository. In practice, any folder can be used.

J SVN repositories

These include the Base8 (standard library for J8), Addons and Public repositories.

In most cases, only the current trunk is needed. Here are the instructions for Base8:

Load Git Extensions.

Select menu Tools|Git bash, and in the command window change to your git directory, e.g.

  cd c:\git

Next in the command window, enter:

  git svn clone base8 -rHEAD

Once complete, close the command window. In future, use Start|Open to open the c:\git\base8 repository and Commands|SVN Rebase to update to the latest version of the repository.

Now load J and select menu Edit|Configure|Folders and add:

  Main c:/git/base8/main

Close and restart J.

You should now be able to browse the J base library, e.g. open project Main/main and see the scripts included in stdlib.ijs.

You may do the same with the Addons and Public repositories, i.e. as before open the Git Extensions Tools|Git bash command window, change directory to c:\git, then:

  git svn clone addons -rHEAD
  git svn clone public -rHEAD

Corresponding J folders:

  Addons c:/git/addons
  Public c:/git/public


If you would like access to the Qt IDE source, send your SSH public key to Chris Burke at <<MailTo(cburke AT jsoftware DOT com)>>. After that, the source can be obtained with:

Load Git Extensions

Start|Clone Repository:

  • Repository to clone:

  • Destination, for example:


  • Subdirectory:


  • Branch (leave empty)
  • Repository type (leave as Personal repository)

Then load your SSH key, press Clone and the source code should be read in.

7. If this works, then you will see a new menu item Repository.

Select menu Repository|Remote Repositories.

  • change the name to: qtide

Save changes. In future, you can just open the qtide Repository and run Commands|Pull to update your system.

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