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How to add a FAQ answer?

J Wiki has a number of FAQ pages as listed in Guides. A FAQ page is an incidentally ordered list of FAQ entries in separate subpages. FAQ entries do not display authorship, while editing history is preserved.


  • Make sure that the question is of general recurrent interest, otherwise consider one of J Forums.
  • Make sure that the scope is small enough, otherwise consider an essay or a guide, etc.
  • See if such question is already addressed.
  • See if there is a similar entry that can be extended instead.


  • Select an appropriate FAQ in Guides
  • Browse a few entries to get the feel of style conventions
  • Use the Add Entry with a short name for the page in the format: Do Something
  • In the editor study the format of the template
  • Fill in the question heading in the format: How to do something?
  • Fill in the rest of the template following the suggested format

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Contributed by Oleg Kobchenko