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Git is a free/open source version control system, that can interface with the Jsoftware Subversion repositories using the git svn ... commands, see Git Svn Crash Course. Note that git svn allows you to both checkout and commit back to the repositories, so this is a complete replacement for svn on the local machine.

Here are examples of checking out Jsoftware repositories into git:

git svn clone -r HEAD base         ;# J602 base library
git svn clone -r HEAD base7       ;# J701 base library
git svn clone -r HEAD addons     ;# addons
git svn clone -r HEAD public     ;# source of addons
git svn clone -r HEAD sandbox   ;# testing
git svn clone -r HEAD web           ;# jsoftware web

Git GtkIDE Menu

In Linux/Mac, the J7 gtkide has edit menu items for Git Gui and Git Status. These are shown whenever a project is opened that is in a Git repository.