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Fifty Shades of J - Table of Contents

This is a page of instructions for volunteers editing the Fifty Shades of J essays.

For more information on the project, see the About Page.

What do I need to do?

Start by taking ownership of one or more chapters. To do so, in the main Fifty Shades of J page, edit the section with the selected chapter. In column: Owner change: {username} to: Your Name.

You should also get the original PDF manuscript (the MS) from fsoj.pdf.

Test the J code

The main thing is to ensure the J code works with an up-to-date version of J (805 or later). The language may have changed, and transcription errors crept in as the text went from the original source to Vector, then to a book, and then to the wiki.

Each chapter has a script that can be downloaded from a link at the foot of the page. This should include all definitions in the page. Some of these just have a copy of the code summary (if any) that was in the original manuscript. Some have been reworked and include a Note with the page code examples. See File:Fsojc44.ijs for an example.

Note that the original code summaries used local assignment (=.) where global assignment (=:) would be better. If necessary, make this change to the script.

Check that the script runs correctly, then run each J example and check the output shown is correct. A good way to do this is to add each example to a Note in the script, then step through the examples. Once finished, upload any new version of the script to the wiki.


Once the code has been checked, then proofread the page, following the guidelines below. When finished, on the main Fifty Shades of J page, change: {{notdone}} Red x.png to: {{done}} Wm yes check.png in the column: Done?.

  1. Ensure the narrative is formatted correctly for the wiki, see Style Guide. This is not the same as in the MS. In particular:
    • inline J-code (only) should be formatted in <tt></tt> tags.
      • EXAMPLE: define apply as <tt>apply=: 128!:2</tt>
      • SHOWS AS: define apply as apply=: 128!:2
    • Hilite sparingly or not at all
      • Italics may be appropriate for novel words at the point they are introduced
      • Otherwise ignore all Bold and Underline text-formatting in the MS
  2. Check diagrams, tables and math expressions against the ms. Don't bother to fix or rebuild tables yourself, unless the change is small and you see clearly how to do it. Instead alert the Project Leader to the bad table.
  3. Check narrative text has not accidentally become J code or a sub-heading, or vice-versa.
  4. Check for inappropriate alignments Some text has been aligned or indented in the ms. This may no longer be appropriate for the wiki. Or it may be appropriate, but it hasn't been migrated properly.
  5. Fix-up the narrative text. If you make changes to the J code, the narrative text may no longer apply. Fix-up the narrative if you can see how, and otherwise contact the Project Leader.

Points to remember

This is a wiki. Anyone can edit pages. Your ownership does not "lock" the page for you, i.e. guarantee nobody else makes edits.

Some pre-formatting will have been done for you, and accurate diagrams and tables will often be present.

Some pre-formatting is there to impose a "house style", consistent across all pages. Please contact the Project Leader before altering its appearance.

However do check any pre-formatted content you see. It is not guaranteed to be correct or complete.


See Chapter 44 for an example of a finished page, and File:Fsojc44.ijs for the corresponding script.

Send queries to the J General Forum or contact the Project Leader.