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Norman Thomson has edited and rearranged his Vector J-ottings essays (published in Vector, 1993-2017) into a book Fifty Shades of J. This is now available on the J wiki as a collection of wiki pages. The contents are being updated for the latest version of J and should be formatted properly for the wiki.

A previous community effort helped update Eugene McDonnell's At Play with J book to work with modern versions of J.

The two series are complementary, with Eugene concentrating on solving specific problems with J, while Norman is more focused on the design and use of the core J language.

How can I help?

Your help is needed to get each article updated. To do so, please take ownership of one or more articles on the Fifty Shades of J page. Edit any entry on that page to add your name as Owner, then check and edit the corresponding essay page as needed. Once finished, update the entry again to change the notdone tag to done.

Please read the Editing Guidelines before making changes.

Download the original manuscript HERE: fsoj.pdf

The Project Leader

Contact Chris Burke for any further questions on editing these pages.

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