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media/image3  - Image utilities

The Image 3 package provides utilities for accessing 24-bit jpeg, png, bmp, tga and portable anymaps in J. It requires J5.01 or later. The core functions allow reading and writing image files as 3-dimensional J arrays. The core jpeg and png utilities are accomplished using calls to the included dll. These external libraries are based upon open source code.

The addon includes several scripts. The main script, image3.ijs, provides J functions for the basic image reading, writing,and image size either through library calls or directly defined J functions. Another script, html_gallery8.ijs, provides J functions that create thumbnails and image galleries under J program control. Sample scripts and a rotation form script are also included.

After it is installed, run the Image 3 labs.


The libraries for the package were provided by Zach Reiter while the scripts were joint work between Zach and Cliff Reiter (, Mathematics Department, Lafayette College,Easton, PA 18042 USA).