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CAL: scientific calculator engine

CAL (calculator engine) is a JAL addon to ship as a standalone package the engine which drives TABULA.

Load and run the addon as follows:

   load 'math/cal'

For more details, see TABULA and links from that page.

CAL is not intended to be used standalone.

You will only do so if you are writing a new version of TABULA, or investigating / debugging an existing version.

To make a start at doing this, pick menu: Studio > Labs... then pick item: CAL - the TABULA engine

CAL makes use of the JAL addon: UU. You do not need to load UU yourself, since CAL loads it when it runs.

Both CAL and UU are supported for all J versions and platforms from J version 6.0.2 upwards.

See TABULA for Release Notes for all 3 addons: math/cal, math/tabula, math/uu.