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This script supports the Microsoft Monthview common control. This gives an easy way to enter dates.

It can be called from another form, and the result is returned in verb monthview_result. The code can also be included directly on a form.

This works only in Windows.


load the monthview script, this populates locale cmonthview.
create an instance of cmonthview

For example:

   load 'gui/monthview'
   '' conew 'cmonthview'         NB. starts at today
   2007 8 23 conew 'cmonthview'  NB. starts at given date

When the form closes, it calls the following in the creator's locale:

  monthview_result res

where res has two elements:

  0 = cancel, 1 = any other close
  currently selected date

dates are all in the form: yyyy mm dd

The addon is distributed with a test script. Load as:

   load '~addons/gui/monthview/test0.ijs'


Script developed by Anssi Seppälä and Chris Burke.