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graphics/graphviz  - Graph Visualization

Integrated with J, a popular graph drawing visualization library. Includes user interface Graph View and a utility to visualize sequential machines (finite automata) in testsm folder.
See doc folder and help.html in installation for furter details.
See also companion cluster analysis Addons/stats/dendrite
Based on Graphviz from


  • Install the graphics/graphviz addon using JAL instructions (for corresponding version)
  • On Windows, run install.bat from addons/graphics/graphviz/bin

Current distribution is for J503a* and above and Windows* platform.
On Mac OS X it requires installing

Graph View

First-time use:
   load 'graphics/graphviz'

Subsequent calls:

graphview ''                                         NB. show empty view
graphview 'digraph G { a->b }',LF                    NB. show from graph def
graphview '~addons/graphics/graphviz/testsm/' NB. show graph file

User interface: simple and intuitive.

Use menu and help and links for further assistance.

All output uses Microsoft* Internet Explorer* as the display surface. Hence any functionality, such as context menu, plug-ins, etc. function as expected.

You may need to install additional software to be able to view certain formats:

Examples: Open ~addons/graphics/graphviz/graphs folder for numerous examples.

Sequential Machine View

Sequential machine definition graph visualizer. See legend image.
   require 'graphics/graphviz/smgraph'

Use, where optional states and inputs are lists of labels, s is state table and r is initial state number:
   [states;inputs] smview s[;r]

Example (Full Size) of dyad ;: "Words" using JSvnAddons:graphics/graphviz/testsm/jdic.ijs

Sm jdic s.png

See ~addons/graphics/graphviz/testsm/*.ijs for examples.


Using ~addons/graphics/graphviz/smgraph.ijs as a model, it is possible to create custom graph visualizers for various applications.


Portions of this program use GraphViz* -- open source graph drawing software.
(C) Copyright AT&T*.
See lisence in the installation.

  • Other copyrights and trademarks of respective holders.