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The JODSOURCE addon distributes JOD system dictionary databases as serialized dump scripts.

JODSOURCE contains all source materials related to the JOD system. JODSOURCE contains:

1. All J JOD source code

2. J test scripts for JOD

3. DOT digraph code used for some illustrations

4. J build scripts used to package and distribute JOD

To use the scripts in JODSOURCE the JOD and jfiles addons must be installed.

There are two ways to load JODSOURCE dictionaries. Use the script:


or work through the JOD lab: JOD (2) Source Code Dump Scripts.


Use the JAL/Package Manager.


1. After installation run the J script: ~addons/general/jodsource/jodsourcesetup.ijs

2. Refer to the JOD lab: JOD (2) Source Code Dump Scripts

JOD labs are installed in the "General" category. If you do not find JOD Labs listed in the "General" category browse to this directory:



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