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JAR, or J-ARchive, is a complete database system for J words, data, test cases and general scripts. JAR is also a detailed example of J object oriented programming.

JAR can be used by itself or with the J project manager. Extensive documentation in Adobe PDF format is installed with JAR. J labs demonstrating how to use the system are also installed. JAR is an open source system and freely available to the J community. Unzip in the J addons directory, and run the JAR labs.


Note: I have an updated version of this application that I have renamed. I dropped the name JAR to avoid confusion with Java JAR files. The new name is JOD (J Object Dictionary). The update is more than a name change. When I figure out how to use the J Wiki I will post the full code of the system with the updated documentation. (John Baker, October 11, 2005).