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I've used J as part of my work for a decade. My approach to J is that it's a useful exploration/experimentation/prototyping language. As such, I like to write J explicitly rather than tacitly. I like when code is simple, efficient, and above all easily understood.


I will consign here simple tools that I use. Will make this into separate pages when the time comes.


Often, when a lot of data has to be transformed and is repetitive, it is much faster to only change the unique values. Here are the adverb and conjunction that do that:

NB. Performs a verb on unique items of a list and returns the result as if applied to entire list
NB. Provide appropriate verb rank
NB. example: "."0 WithUniques 10000$'0123456789'
NB. example: 0"."0 WithUniques 10000$'0123456789'
WithUniques =: 1 : 0
	(un i. y) { u un =. ~. y
	(un i. y) { x u un =. ~. y

Contact and Consulting

You may contact me for questions about the code I post. I'm also available for consulting work with code in J, whether a port to J from another language, a port to another language from J, or J maintenance work.

Email: <<MailTo(pelletiermar AT hotmail DOT com)>>