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Language Slapdown

This was cancelled because a lot of presenters dropped out and only seven remain.

For the record, the organizer was very sorry about this, especially as he had his own presentation ready. He offered that someone else could put this on. Some of us have been looking into re-scheduling this with the presenters who are able to make it.


This is a Meetup, to be held on Wednesday 11/17, 2010, at which enthusiasts for numerous programming languages will make a pitch for their favorite language. See the official site for more information.


Each presenter will give us a 5 minute presentation on why their favorite programming language is great. One person per language with slides that include code as well as talking points. Disclaimer: the title is a bit misleading. The group will not declare a winner as such, but the audience will be able to decide for themselves what the their next new language will be.

After the presentations, we will have a Q&A with all the presenters.

The One Rule: No trashing other languages. You may only advocate for your choice.

Your slides with should contain code examples for Hello World and one example of your choosing that should should illustrate something that your language does particularly well. The rest is up to you--talking points, diagrams, visualizations, etc.

Presentation of J

File:LanguageSlapdown-JbyDevonMcCormick.pdf was too long by far. I may be able to present this one (or File:LanguageSlapdown-Jin5Minutes-byDevonMcCormick.pdf) (final as of 20101116 14:49 EST) in 300 seconds.

Presentations Scheduled

Still seeking people for C, C++ (pending) , F#, Erlang, Eiffel, C#, Groovy, etc.. Let Bob know if you are interested in presenting.

. Clojure - Marcus Young . Go - Bob Hancock . Haskell - Matthew Jording . J - Devon McCormick . Java - Bob Pasker . OCaml - John Li . Python - Justin Lilly . R - Drew Conway . Ruby - Shaun "Snuggs" Stovall . Scala - Nathan Hamblen . Scheme - Andrew Gwozdziewycz . Smalltak - Andrey Fedorov . XSLT/Xquery - Gary Russo