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Slides from a talk I gave at Hacker School on 9/29/2014.

IntroJ-HS-005.png IntroJ-HS-010-tools.png IntroJ-HS-020-VocabIntro.png IntroJ-HS-030-partsOfSpeech-NounVerb.png IntroJ-HS-040-partsOfSpeech-AdvConj.png IntroJ-HS-050-HistoryWhy.png IntroJ-HS-060-HistoryNonJ.png IntroJ-HS-070-HistoryNonJ1.png IntroJ-HS-080-HistoryJ.png IntroJ-HS-090-ThinkingMathematically.png IntroJ-HS-100-ThinkingMathematically.png IntroJ-HS-110-ArrayThinking0.png IntroJ-HS-120-ArrayThinking1.png IntroJ-HS-130-ArrayThinking2-HowItHelps.png IntroJ-HS-140-CodeDevelopment.png IntroJ-HS-150-CodeDevelopment.png IntroJ-HS-160-CodeDevelopment.png IntroJ-HS-170-CodeDevelopment.png IntroJ-HS-180-MinimalJ.png IntroJ-HS-190-ArrayThinkingEG1.png IntroJ-HS-990-JResources.png

  • Introductory pseudo-graph: "J goes to 11"
  • Tools and tools of thought
  • How to read the Vocabulary page
  • Parts of speech: nouns and verbs
  • Parts of speech: adverbs and conjunctions
  • Why study history?
  • Some history behind non-J programming languages
  • More history: non-J programming languages tied to hardware
  • History of J: primarily a notation
  • Digression: thinking mathematically
  • More on thinking mathematically
  • Array-thinking: a problem
  • Array-thinking: a solution
  • How array-thinking helps coding
  • J code development example: decoding the core
  • J code development example: further decoding the core
  • J code development example: extending the core
  • J code development example: joining the pieces
  • Minimal J
  • Another array-thinking example
  • Links to J resources