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Analysing Tacit Expressions using an ijx window

File:Tacitj-helper.ijs creates a second execution window that can be used to analyse tacit expressions.

Simple tacit expressions are often either a hook or a fork. These are the two principal symbol-less entities. The others are nouns or bonded conjunction or train of adverbs.

Complex tacit expressions are composed from simpler ones.

To date, no one has provided a good explanation why constructing and playing with symbol-less entities is so much fun despite it being so difficult at the beginning.

Running the script modifies the jijs locale and creates a second execution window called '1.tacit'

The second window is given its own Menu bar as well as a different context menu (right mouse button).

A tacit expression in the ijx window can be analysed in the 1.tacit window. The symbol-less entities that make up the tacit expression are labeled and shown on separate lines.

Copy the expression to the clipboard, activate the 1.tacit window and then select from Menu|Tacit the 'Tacit Analysis' option.

A highlighted expression in the 1.tacit window can be analysed directly by using the context menu.

See also Arthur Anger's Essays/Un-puzzling_expressions for a different take in understanding tacit expressions.

This is work in progress with occasional rough edges.


See the brief comments at the top of the script for a few more details.

NB. requires Windows and J602