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1. To do this right, I really need to finish the description of lexing 1. The thread on NB.. led to a change to ;: . This is a good candidate for a rhematics example. EG: Which one of the following contains a comment? 1. Hint: this is NB.... not a comment 1. +/ % # NB.: average 1. 123NB. I like weird numbers! 1. Look Ma, I made a newNB. control word! 1. spaces? we don`NB.need no stink'n spaces! 1. Copulae as transparent, assignment of verbs vs. assignment of nouns (vs. assignment of mapped nouns), immediate vs. latent evocations:

   sum NB.  On a single line, copulae are always transparent, except as the last operation, where display is supressed.

   hello =: 'hi'
   goodbye =: hello
   goodbye  NB.  Nouns are always immediately replaced by their evocations

   sum    NB.  Higher nameclasses are latent.

  NB.  So changing the previous name .. changes the cascaded name
  NB.  This is not true of nouns, but there's a way to emulate teh
  NB.  behaviour, using mapped files.

  $ 'h' f.  NB.  Immediate
  $ 'h' ~  NB.  Latent