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Inchoate J code. Written for by me, for me, usually with a particular end in mind (which isn't readable, general, well commented code for public consumption). Best thought of as the beginnings of something, or an instance of a pattern. No warranties. Use at your own risk.

Snippet Purpose
Verb Metrics Compare different, theoretically identical verbs. Good for running contests or discovering which algorithm best suits the data. No documentation, poor style. Specifically slapped together for the 2 f 3 f 4 f m thread on the forum .
Distribute Operators Over Gerunds Modify gerunds (list of verbs) with primitive operators. Provides a mechanism to apply lists of verbs to corresponding lists of nouns (cyclically if required).
Pretty Pictures Draw pretty pictures using the circle generating function +&.*:/~@:i:
j internal structures Manipulate internal J structures.
alternating valences Another stupid interpreter trick: make a verb f alternate between a fork and a capped fork.]]