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The following script modifies the behavior of viewmat verb so instead of creating a new window every time it is called, it reuses an already open window. This is similar to how plot acts.

Works for J602, probably will not work for J80x/qt

NB. J602, hack to "reuse" viewmat window
NB. 2015-01-07 16:54:43 created by nsg

viewmat_z_=:3 : 0
'' viewmat y
  for_l. conl 1 do.
    if. 0=nc__l <'COCREATOR' do.
      if. COCREATOR__l-:<'jviewmat' do.
        NB. !!! FOUND jviewmat form

        wd 'psel ',HWNDP__l
        x viewmatcc__l y;GID__l
        glpaint__l ''

  x viewmat_jviewmat_ y