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Treemap | Options | Events | Class
Option Default Description
COLOR color index
COLORS set of colors
DATA data as numeric list
FONT font
GRIDCOLOR gray 105 color of grid
GRIDSHOW 1 if show grid
ID tm id of isigraph control
LABEL labels
LOC COCREATOR treemap locale
NOTE notes
PID id of parent form

COLOR - color indices corresponding to DATA.

COLORS - table of colors, each row has 3 RGB values from 0 to 255.

DATA - data as numeric list. Values must be positive.

FONT - font, default PROFONT.

GRIDCOLOR - color of grid lines.

GRIDSHOW - if grid lines are shown.

ID - id of isigraph control used by treemap.

LABEL - labels drawn in each cell of the treemap.

LOC - locale of parent form.

NOTE - notes displayed as the mouse is moved over the treemap.

PID - id of parent form.